Updating a Stale Arch Linux Installation

24 May 2024

This is just a quick reminder about a topic related to Arch Linux. I’m posting it as a reference so I don’t need to spend much time searching for the solution when I come across the issue again.

I recently had to update a computer that hadn’t been touched in about a year. It’s running Arch Linux so the regular update process is to open a command line and type sudo pacman -Suy. However, if you haven’t updated the system in a while then it’s quite likely that there are some out-of-date keys that cause errors during the update. To get around that issue do the following:

  • Update the package database with sudo pacman -Syy.
  • Install the latest version of the archlinux-keyring package with sudo pacman -S archlinux-keyring.
  • Update your gpg keys with sudo pacman-key --refresh-keys. This will take quite a while to finish.
  • Run your regular system update with sudo pacman -Suy.

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