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  • Building a DIY Spectroscope [Video]

    Building a DIY Spectroscope [Video]

    In this post we’ll use a camera, an analogue pocket spectroscope and some software that I wrote to build a digital spectroscope. The spectroscope will be limited to roughly the visible range of light (~400nm to ~700nm). While it’s probably not as accurate as commercial devices we will calibrate it carefully to give decent results.

  • Mono-Conversion of a Canon 350D [Video]

    Mono-Conversion of a Canon 350D [Video]

    In this video we disassemble a Canon 350D and we remove the top layer of the sensor, which includes the colour filter array. As a result we’ll end up with a monochrome camera. We also discuss auto focus calibration and a few related topics.

  • RPi NAS: Borg Backup

    RPi NAS: Borg Backup

    In this post we’re going to use the software packages Borg Backup and Borgmatic to do system backups of both our Raspberry Pi and our main computer. We’ll also schedule automatic backups using both cron and systemd.

  • Building a Raspberry Pi NAS with Data Redundancy: Part 1 Overview

    Building a Raspberry Pi NAS with Data Redundancy: Part 1 Overview

    In this series of posts we’ll use a Raspberry Pi to build a simple, fast and affordable network-attached storage (NAS) that’s suitable for home use. Multiple copies of our data will be saved so nothing is lost when a hard drive fails. On the way we’ll also look at various important and interesting topics that…